Sunday, January 09, 2005

I Wonder If He Can Spell Redskins

The Lord of Truth may enjoy this one, since it involves a graduate of his almost-alma mater. Okay, maybe he's not a graduate, but Redskins rookie safety Sean Taylor did attend the University of Miami for three years. Here in DC, Taylor, while having a an up-and-down season on the field, had quite a few down moments off-the-field, including an arrest for DUI. He was let off the hook this week, but the videotape of his arrest may make it even easier to mick the Redskins next year. Steve Czaben gives us the details...

Redskins safety Sean Taylor beat his DUI rap this week in Fairfax County. Good for him. From all accounts, the arrest was very suspect, to say the least. However, a few things are worth noting.

Taylor did not blow for the cop, so he’ll lose his license for a year anyway. That seems pretty messed up, especially since he beat the DUI rap. God forbid I get pulled one day, but I guess I better blow. What good is it to beat the DUI, if you lose the blow charge automatically?

The video of the cop, showed Taylor was rock solid on all the physical tests in the field sobriety test: walk in a line, touch nose, stand on one leg. Where he messed up, was the alphabet test, to which his attorney said – and I quote – “I don’t really get that alphabet test. The last time anyone asked Mr. Taylor to recite the alphabet was in the 4th grade.” WHOA? WTF! Taylor missed three letters (j, m and n) while saying the alphabet from e to o. Great work, S. Taylor. It’s all about the U! Guess he wouldn’t have missed THAT letter, if he had got to it.

Also, the judge Mitchell Mutnick said in his decision to dismiss: “I’ve seen a lot worse.” Um, THAT’s a legal lynchpin? “I’ve seen worse?” Great job, your honor.

Finally, the only player to testify was WR Laverneus Coles. Coles said he “watched” Taylor all night, and saw that he didn’t drink. How would he know? Coles testified that he thought the girl HE was dating might be dating Taylor as well, so he wanted to keep a close eye on his teammate. Super.
I'm trying to figure out a way to blame this on Dan Snyder, but I'm not there yet. Give me time.


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