Tuesday, February 01, 2005

When Will Rather Report on This?

Here's how it started...

Iraqi militants claimed in a Web statement Tuesday to have taken an American soldier hostage and threatened to behead him in 72 hours unless the Americans release Iraqi prisoners.

The posting, on a Web site that frequently carried militants' statements, included a photo of what appeared to be an American soldier in desert fatigues seated with his hands tied behind his back. A gun barrel was pointed at his head, and he is seated in front of a black banner emblazoned with the Islamic profession of faith, "There is no god but God and Muhammad is His prophet."

A statement posted with the picture suggested the group was holding other soldiers.

"Our mujahadeen heroes of Iraq's Jihadi Battalion were able to capture American military man John Adam after killing a number of his comrades and capturing the rest," said the statement, signed by the "Mujahedeen Brigades."
Normally, we'd be worried about the soldier in question. Perhaps we should hold off...

The U.S. military said Tuesday that no American soldiers have been reported missing in Iraq after a Web statement claimed that an American soldier had been taken hostage.

The authenticity of the statement and photo, purporting to show a hostage with a gun to his head, could not be verified, and questions were raised about the photo's authenticity.

In Baghdad, Staff Sgt. Nick Minecci of the U.S. military's press office in Baghdad said "no units have reported anyone missing."

The posting, on a Web site that frequently carries militants' statements, included a photo of what that statement said was an American soldier, wearing desert fatigues and seated on a concrete floor with his hands tied behind his back.

The figure in the photo appeared stiff and expressionless.

Liam Cusack, of the toy manufacturer Dragon Models USA, Inc., said the image of the soldier portrayed in the photo bore a striking resemblance to a military action figure made by the company.
Now, here's the picture of the captured soldier, posted by Wizbang, along with pics of the toy that many believe actually appears in the photograph.

First question -- who's the mentally challenged terrorist who thought this was a good idea? Maybe it's the same guy who exposed al Qaeda's Muppet operative several years ago.

Second, "John Adam" is the name they chose? Why didn't they make up a more entertaining name, like say, Wolf Blitzer?

Third, they'd better release our soldier. Bush has Osama dead to rights.

Finally, G.I. Joe beat Cobra. Who the hell thinks a two-bit terrorist group like this could stop them? Maybe they should join Cobra instead.


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