Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Cat, Sawing

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy reading Lileks. Today's Bleat contains this classic passage...
You sail into the office in a grand mood, ready to add your shoulder to the wheel, and you check the Reader’s Rep log: two comments on recent columns, both brimming with Outrage. One’s made because I made fun of childhood obesity – what’s next? Childhood leukemia? Yes, ma’am. That’s scheduled for next Wednesday. I poke fun at leukemia. Actually, the column did not make fun of obesity per se; it discussed a program to install Dance Dance Revolution machines in every West Virginia school, noted that those cases of obesity that resulted from poor diet and lack of exercise could probably be best treated with better diet and more exercise, and noted my own experience as a fat kid. The second complaint was Outraged that I advocated animal torture in the piece about the Minnesota Youth Symphony. I likened the sound of bad orchestras to a sound a cat might make if sawed in half. Because as you know we have a big problem with caw-sawing, and it’s just not a joking matter.
I'm not in favor of animal torture either, but I've watched too many Tom & Jerry and Itchy & Scratchy cartoons, which conclusively prove the fundamental fact that cat-sawing is damn funny.


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