Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yeah, This Will Help Hillary's Case to be Veep

Geez, Bill, are you bitter?
Bill Clinton regrets some things he said - and didn't say - on the campaign trail. But there's one thing he still can't utter: Barack Obama is ready to be President.

"You can argue that nobody is ready to be President," the former President told ABC News.

"You can argue that even if you've been vice president for eight years, that no one can be fully ready for the pressures of the office," Clinton said Monday during a visit to Rwanda. That's probably not what Team Obama wanted to hear from the former commander in chief, whose role in Obama's election push and at the Democratic National Convention remains in flux.

Team Obama has said Clinton will be an asset, but so far he and the Illinois senator have spoken only once, by phone, since the primaries ended - a fact that has peeved some Obama supporters.
Perhaps Clinton will be asset to Obama, if he stays in Rwanda and courts the key demographic of foreigners who can't vote in the election. After all, Obama seems to have been making a push for the non-voters in France and Germany recently -- why can't he deploy key surrgates to other countires to continue this push? I hear John Edwards has volunteered to do voter outreach with the Swedish bikini team.


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