Monday, February 22, 2010

Wow -- Now That's An Entertainer

I have to agree with AllahPundit -- I watched Glenn Beck's speech at CPAC the other night, and it was friggin riveting. I've posted part of the speech -- the part that was really, really salient to the GOP -- but I'd recommend watching the whole thing.

About 1:30 into that clip, Beck starts tearing the GOP apart. I'm not sure he's completely correct -- as some have pointed out, some members of the GOP have said this -- but he's making the case for what conservatives need to stand for, and also making the case for explaining hard choices to the populace. It's what President Obama claimed he would do, making Americans aware of the difficult choices we need to make. Instead, he has opted to grow the government and fail to confront those choices.

Beck is right that the GOP did not distinguish itself on some key issues while in power, and only looks good when compared to the current mess in office. But the real question is whether any politician will actually say this stuff on the stump -- they probably won't, and one of the reasons Beck can say this stuff is because he is an entertainer rather than a politician. Actually, here's the next part of the speech.

Here's what's great -- McCain ran on a "Straight Talk Express." Obama ran on the principle of being honest and open. Have we seen anything as direct and honest as this address from either party recently?

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