Friday, March 19, 2010

Remember, They're Evil

One Yankee fan, busy salivating over Joe Mauer, claims that Mauer "deserves" the big stage of New YorkAnother Yankee fan takes the time to point out that this is why people hate Yankee fans...
“Deserves”. This one word gets Yankee fans in so much trouble. It implies a God-given right. We tend to think that we, the Yankees, deserve the best players because we’re New York, because we have the most money to spend, because we’ve won 27 World Series titles, etc… We don’t deserve anything more than what we go out and earn. Wins, respect, whatever. Joe Mauer doesn’t “deserve” New York anymore than New York “deserves” Joe Mauer. This is exactly the sort of sentiment that gives Yankee fans the reputation they have.

...You know who deserves Joe Mauer? The fine people of Minnesota.
He'll probably end up in New York, but that won't make the Yankees any less evil.

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