Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kudos, John Stewart

There's not much we could say about the South Park/Comedy Central censorship imbroglio.  A douchebag who lives in Fairfax, Virginia, blogging an explicit threat against Parker and Stone, gets Comedy Central to change its programming out of fear.  Meanwhile, the American media, which looks for violence everytime someone farts at a Tea Party protest, largely fails to cover the controversy for days.

But Jon Stewart, who actually works for Comedy Central, has the balls to cover the story -- and does it fairly.  Even though he may be a little softer on the Comedy Central execs for whom he works, I'm not going to blast them too harshly.  Parker and Stone can make a stand on their art and take risks, and the execs may even be willing to risk their own skins.  But when other employees and company property may be put at risk, it's not hard to understand why a corporate executive may not be willing to take a stand on principle.  But it says even more when a comedy show has more balls in "speaking truth to power" than alleged real journalists.

Stewart focuses his rage at the end on the appropriate actors -- the douchebags issuing the threat.  As he notes, fuck them.  Hot Air has the story on the "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" coming up next month, which may blow the roof off the controversy.   In the meantime, here's Stewart, in all his brilliance.

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