Sunday, November 07, 2010

Random Things That Annoy Me

Because life is full of annoying crap, and this is my place to complain about it.
A request to all of you folks who stand in front of me at an ATM machine, contemplating the meaning of life or whatever it is you do when you're staring at the screen.  Stop, and finish your friggin' transaction.

Seriously, it's not that tough to actually withdraw money, deposit a check, buy stamps, whatever.  You have to remember a pin, enter it, and then click buttons on a screen.  Yet I'll watch people who seem mystified by the entire process, like they're trying to understand the health care bill.

And while I'm at it, on behalf of the entire contingent of people from Southeastern PA, why did "ATM" win out as the appropriate abbreviation?  Why didn't anyone else pick up on calling it a MAC (Money Access Center)?  We used to smack MAC for cash.  Now if you say that, people think you're shaking down Irish people. 



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