Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Never Let It Be Said That I Ignore A Story

Since at least 50% of this blog is devoted to sports and/or politics (with the rest devoted to annoying songs, discovering references to the Simpsons where they don't exist, and fine art... the last is a lie, but I want this blog to show up as the 7 trillionth reference to fine art in a google search), I feel obligated to link to this story.   Now, with that being said...

1.  I think this is newsworthy from the perspective of the National Enquirer.  If this is the worst thing in the book about Palin, I'm starting to think McGuinness wasted his time.

2.  I will be interested to see if the press treats Palin like they did John Edwards and stays away from the story.  Right now, I think it's utterly irrelevant to anyone outside the entertainment and gossip world.  Even if Palin enters the presidential race (my money is that she will not), this is still irrelevant.  But if someone in the mainstream "respectable" press reports it after ignoring the absolutely relevant tale of John Edwards... to be fair, let's see what happens.  Although Andrew Sullivan has linked to the Deadspin story already...

3.  I'm required by blogger law to make the requisite joke about Glen Rice being regarded as a great scorer.

4.  As a political matter, Palin's enemies and the press would do well to avoid this story for one reason -- it would only further the reasonable interpretion that she's the victim of an overzealous partisan press if they played this up.  No one cares about who Nancy Pelosi slept with in college or in her early 20's (I threw up in my mouth after reading that line).  And it appears the press may have figured that out this time.

5.  So the mainstream media spent countless hours and money in 2008 trying to find every bit of salacious dirt possible on Palin, and this never turned up?  Not only are they partisan, they're serially incompetent.  Again, it's not relevant... but if the sharks we saw in 2008 had found this, it would have appearred somewhere on the Internet.

UPDATE:  Here's why you should read the entire story with a huge grain of ri--, umm, salt.

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