Thursday, February 03, 2005

A New Business Model for the WNBA

Finally, something to make up for the absence of hockey...

A fight broke out in the stands of a girls high school basketball game, prompting police to fire Tasers to stop it and clear the gym, authorities said. Nine people face charges.

Witnesses said Tuesday night's melee, involving dozens of fans, began in an upper deck and spilled onto the floor. It was apparently sparked by an earlier dispute between students of the two rival schools, Prattville and Stanhope Elmore.

...Arrest warrants were issued for three adults and six juveniles, including three teens taken into custody Tuesday night, District Attorney Randall Houston said Thursday. Among the charges were assault, disorderly conduct and refusing to obey an officer, he said.

...The fight was captured on video and shown on television.

"People were screaming and running," Prattville cheerleader Cherish Cartee said. "Girls lost their cell phones. Keys got lost. It's something I will never forget."
I'll bet some nails got broken as well. On the plus side, this might bring fans to the women's game -- you can fight people in the stands and let out your anger. This is better than the NBA business model, where players get to punch out fans.


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