Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey, Utah, Get Me Two!

Loyal reader ST gives us the best news we've heard in hours...
Hollywood heartthrob Patrick Swayze is ready to don his wetsuit again - he will reprise his surfboarding gang boss role in a Point Break sequel.

The 1991 thriller also starred Keanu Reeves, but it's doubtful The Matrix star will appear in the follow up.

The new movie--which will follow an ex-professional surfer sent to track down a criminal gang--will be set in south east Asia, and will be directed by the writer of the original film, Peter Iliff.
As if Keanu had anything better to do -- the bastard should know that Johnny Utah made him. But I'm curious -- does Swayze still qualify as a "heartthrob?" Now, there's a sliding scale.


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