Friday, February 12, 2010

On This Basis, Maybe Al Gore Can Take Credit For Inventing The Internet

Joe Biden wants credit for success in Iraq to go to the Obama Admininstrration...
I am very optimistic about -- about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You're going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You're going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government.
Good thing he and the President backed all of the measures that resulted in this success. You know, like the surge... I'm sure the videotape will show Obama was a big supporter.

Oops. And lest you think Biden was on board with the surge, you can watch this.

Well, perhaps Obama later acknowledged the surge worked. Right?

Well, I guess we can give them credit for acknowledging that Iraq is now a success. Coming soon, Biden will claim that Obama did a bang up job beating the British at Yorktown.

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