Friday, February 12, 2010

What Annoying Song Is Stuck In My Head Today?

If I need to suffer with a song stuck in my head, why shouldn't you have to do the same? Sometimes they're good, most times they're bad... but no matter what, they make you suffer. So I like to share the suffering whenever it happens.

I'll have another post about the Super Bowl TV ad that inspired this Most Annoying Song Post, but the song deserves its own moment in the sun. One reason is because the song is by Cheap Trick, known in Japan as the "American Beatles" (whereas Aerosmith is known as the "American Rolling Stones", Winger is known as the "American Monkees", and the Scorpions are... well, no one cares about the Scorpions). The other reason is that the Simpsons once had an episode where Apu sings this very same song while washing his car. You have no idea how much better the song is with an Indian accent. But here's the original...

You're welcome.

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