Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TV Nostalgia Of The Day

A new series, inspired by loyal reader ST. These are the moments of television past that YouTube was designed to bring back to us.

I confess -- I really like Saved By the Bell.

Yes, that probably cuts down my credibility by approximately 97% (assuming I had any left). But NBC's Saturday morning TV show from the early '90's is still going strong in reurns, even though Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski would now be in their mid-30's. But the show has given us so much -- even today, we get the sheer horror of the words "Screech Powers" and "celebrity sex tape" in the same sentence thanks to Dustin Diamond's decline into child-celebrity noteriety (and really, who saw that coming?). The real blessing will come years from now, when my daughter watches an episode and assumes that the show accurately chronicles what my high school life was like (in case she reads this, I would fit in well as one of the non-speaking background nerds).

If I'm going to post from this show, there's a ton of good choices, but only one episode is the defining memory. However, we'll post two clips from the same episode -- one because there's nothing cheesier than a Saved By The Bell music video (it also helps that this is the one with Tiffani Amber-Thiessen in tights), and the second because it is the definition of overacting.

You're welcome.

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