Saturday, February 13, 2010

That's A Philly Fan, All Right

This was the closing letter in Bill Simmons' mailbag column...
A couple of weeks ago at a frat party, I began to get with a pretty cute girl. As the night wore on, and the drinks started flowing, she took me back to her apartment. When I entered her room, the first thing I saw was a giant Sidney Crosby poster. Without saying another word to her, I left. My buddies have never stopped making fun of me since, but I still insist that it was the proudest moment of my life as a die-hard Flyers fan. Can you please give me some consolidation, or should I have just swallowed my pride? In my defense, I would not qualify her as "hot."
I'm not sure whether I'm more shocked that one of my fellow Philly fans had the opportunity to turn down a girl, or that he misspelled "consolation." Of course, I'm not shocked that the girl wasn't hot -- she is from Pittsburgh.



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