Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Healthcare Follies Continue

Since I'm waking up in a hotel room this morning (contrary to your first thought, my wife did not kick me out for badmouthing health care reform), I got to see USA Today's poll result that has 49% of Americans saying health care reform is a good thing.  I'm sure it's already being touted by the plan's backers... except they also need to explain this poll, which found fewer than 4 in 10 Americans supporting this landmark act.  Or perhaps we should refer to it by Joe Biden's description...

I'm guessing Obama will think twice about having Joe handle introductions from now on. As to the popularity of the health care bill, I'm guessing too many stories like this will blunt the bounce the White House gets from passage, and the committed opponents to the plan will stay that way into the fall, while independants will continue to sour on bad policy passed in an obscene way. But hey, I too look forward to our new GOP House of Representatives, assuming ACORN doesn't re-form in time to steal some races.

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