Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Next Year, They Should All Stay Home And Watch American Idol

I like the fact that Chief Justice Roberts finally commented on President Obama's call-out of the Justices over the Citizens United decision during the State of the Union address.  I'm of two minds baout the issue -- I think Obama's wrong on the substance, and I think his statements in the SOTU were actually incorrect as to the law.  But having thought about it for awhile, I think both he and the Court are wrong on the decorum issue.

The Supreme Court probably shouldn't attend the SOTU, because it is largely a partisan event.  And the President shouldn't directly call out the Court in this manner if they are in the chamber -- it's an insult to an invited guest, and in many ways an unnerving bit of political theater to have judges surrounded by partisan politicians raucously insulting their decision.  I do like Drew M.'s idea about having Obama debate Justice Roberts or Justice Scalia on Constitutional issues, but that's because I'm a dork.

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