Thursday, March 04, 2010

Go Phils!

When I was a kid, the Eagles hired Buddy Ryan, who promptly announced that "You've got a winner in town."  I wish he'd been able to prove all his boasts true, but maybe we Philadelphia fans finally have our wish, in the skipper of the Phillies...
The Phillies' manager left New York in November unsatisfied, and is hungry to compete against the Yankees no matter what the setting.

...A few days earlier, Manuel was even more clear about his ultimate desire for 2010. A visitor to his office suggested that a Phils-Seattle World Series - meaning a likely Game 1 duel of Halladay against castaway ace Cliff Lee - would be an entertaining matchup.

"Nah," Manuel said, with a quick and dismissive shake of his head. "I want the Yankees."
What's great about this team is that they won a title and promptly decided that they want to get some real historical acclaim. The title lifted a monkey off everyone's backs, but they really do see themselves as a great team. And they want to beat the best and prove it to everyone.

We haven't seen that from a Philly sports team in a long time. The Eagles have talked the talk for years, but appear satisfied with winning lots of games and maybe having the chips fall their way some year. By contrast, the Phils plan to win another title. Got to love that attitude.

So let's get another shot at the Yankees.  And this time, let's kick their ass.

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