Thursday, April 29, 2010

Say It Ain't So, Joe

I live in D.C., and the big story in town today is the heartbreaking loss (or chokejob) by the Capitals against the Canadians in the first round of the NHL playoffs.  After blowing a 3 games to 1 edge in the series, the Caps completed their collapse with a 2-1 loss in Game Seven on home ice last night.  The loss feels even worse when you realize the Caps were the best team in hockey this season, and the Canadians just squeaked into the playoffs on the last weekend of the regular season.

To be fair, the Canadians played terrific team hockey, and there's a legitimate argument to be made for the idea that the Caps are a team that does not have the right components to win several playoff series in a row.  But let's assign blame where it belongs for this loss.  The Sports Bog at the Post tells us that Vice President Joe Biden showed up at the game last night (per the picture at left) -- presumably to root on the Caps.  They should have known they were doomed at that point -- Biden's completely capable of screwing up anyone's karma.

I'm warning you, now, Joe -- I know you're a Phillies fan.  That's okay, and a rare exhibition of good taste on your part.  Just don't attend any games -- we don't need the added bad vibes of your presence, let alone need to worry about you getting on the P.A. and telling everyone that this game is a "big f---in' deal!"  Just stay home -- the view's probably better anyway, and the Secret Service gets a night off.  Everyone wins.

Bottom line - stay away from my teams, or this blog really gets nasty.  But feel free to show up and cheer on your law school alma mater Syracuse when they play Villanova anytime.

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