Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Left Starts To Descend Into Incoherence

You stay classy, Joy Behar.

Oh, wait, you never were classy. Or intelligent. Allahpundit's got a good point...
What makes it noteworthy is less the clip itself than what it portends for the next 168 hours: We are, after all, now seven short days away from Election Day, which means Refudiation Week has officially begun. And needless to say, as the reality of the wave crashes in, I suspect we’re going to see some mighty interesting coping mechanisms playing out among among liberals. Pelosi’s already entered some sort of Queeg-ian fugue state of denial, and last night on Twitter Olbermann was promising a 20-minute mega-special comment rant tomorrow about the tea party. By the end of the week I expect Bob Beckel to be weeping openly on-air and near-hourly references to 1933 Germany on MSNBC. And that’s just the next week; imagine what the reaction will be like next Wednesday after the results are in.
I'll worry about that when we get to next Wednesday. But here's hoping that we get there with the promise of sheer insanity from the Left intact.

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