Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Never Trusted That Stupid Giant Orange

I know why Syracuse and Pittsburgh left the Big East for the ACC.  College sports are inherently corrupt, and pretty much flat-out insane right now.  It's survival of the fittest, football pays the bills, and the Big East was always a basketball conference first and foremost.

Still... here's a parting gift for the Panthers.  Here's hoping you get a moment like this in basketball every year.

As for founding Big East member Syracuse... it turns out to be utterly true that you indeed cannot spell sucks without SU.  Here's my parting gift to them -- an oldie but a goodie.  May Keith Smart haunt your asses forever...

I'm starting to wish I'd rooted for Kansas in 2003.  As for the rumors that U Conn and Rutgers are headed out the door as well, may they rot in hell... eh, they're already located in different portions of the underworld anyway.

And finally, for arrogant ACC Commissioner John Swofford, who thinks he'll someday put the ACC Tournament in New York... 2 thoughts.  One, no one will care about your tournament in New York the way they cared about the Big East.  Two, the SEC will continue to clean your clock in football, until you figure out how to cheat like they do... at which point I hope the good football programs (like Va. Tech) bail for the SEC and leave you high and dry.

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