Friday, October 26, 2012

What Annoying Song Is Stuck In My Head Today?

If I need to suffer with a song stuck in my head, why shouldn't you have to do the same? Sometimes they're good, most times they're bad... but no matter what, they make you suffer. So I like to share the suffering whenever it happens.

My high school reunion was last weekend -- #20, which makes me feel pretty old.  I didn't attend, continuing a tradition I established when I skipped the five year reunion.  My lack of nostalgia is furthered by the fact that I'm now closer to being the father of a high school senior than I am to being one; I can mourn my hairline without any company.

But here's a little nostalgia from right around 1992 -- a song I rarely hear any more, but one that does indeed stay with me whenever I hear it.

You're welcome.

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