Monday, October 30, 2006

Stupid Human Tricks, Part Two

I said all I wanted to say about David Letterman last time he had Bill O'Reilly on his show. That's here in the archives. The latest interview... sigh. It's here (and the rest of it is here). Draw your own conclusion.

Me? I'm not O'Reilly's biggest fan. But everybody who thinks O'Reilly is rude to his guests should watch Dave's pompous, self-serving and simplistic interview to understand why I think liberals are blinded by a belief that the Iraq war is terrible, so we should get out, no matter what the consequences. O'Reilly is the one who comes across as humorous, polite and better yet, reasonable and well-informed. My favorite example -- Dave makes the statement: "A reasonable person can't believe what you're saying." No, Dave, a reasonable person can't believe what you're saying. It's not often O'Reilly comes across as more nuanced, calm and reasonable. Heck, it may only happen with Letterman.

I do give Dave credit for admitting at the end that he doesn't know what he's talking about. If only most of the nutjobs on the far left could be so self-aware.


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