Friday, May 04, 2007

A Bad Week For German Idols

It's been a bad week for Germany. First, Dirk Nowitzki flames out in the NBA playoffs. Now, we have more depressing news that will leave the Germans in a nasty mood...
Actor David Hasselhoff admitted on Thursday that he had struggled to overcome alcoholism after a videotape emerged showing him drunk.

The videotape, believed taken by his 16-year-old daughter Taylor Ann three months ago, was aired online and on several entertainment TV channels on Thursday. It showed Hasselhoff dressed in blue jeans and no shirt lying on the floor struggling to eat a hamburger.

A young female voice on the video is urging him not to drink, warning him that he could lose his role in a stage show of "The Producers" in Las Vegas if he didn't sober up.
I'm guessing he just got used to having KITT drive him home after he had too many. On the flip side, the Germans might be so upset that the French military might start waving white flags.


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