Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Friendly Reminder

Just a reminder, folks -- never agree to make a video with a significant other unless you're filthy stinking rich and have no sense of decency anyway (yes, we're talking about you, Ms. Hilton). For further proof, check out this result...
Police say a man sought revenge against his ex-girlfriend by leaving homemade DVDs of her performing sex acts on car windshields throughout the area.

The DVDs include the woman's name, address and phone number.

Police said the woman never realized the acts had been recorded and has received several visits and phone calls from strangers seeking sex.

...The victim is now in a new relationship. She would not comment.

Police first learned of the DVDs when a man reported finding one on his windshield. Later, they received reports of at least two more.

"Young children have gotten a hold of a couple of these and watched them," Leonard said. "We know there are other copies and we really want to get our hands on them."
Oh, you know the reporter enjoyed putting that last quote in the story.

Yes, I acknowledge that the article claims the woman didn't know she had been taped. But I'm going to reserve some doubts about that. With that being said, her ex-boyfriend stepped over the line and deserves whatever punishment comes his way. Here's the real question -- if you're the new boyfriend, do you find this guy and beat the crap out of him? And if one of your friends somehow gets a copy of the video, will you watch?


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