Monday, August 25, 2008

A Break For This Important News

Forget politics. Here's the most important news of the day...
The blonde fur is flying, as Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson are going to battle over Tony Romo.

Here's what's happening in a nut shell: Tony and Carrie were good friends,
dated and broke up. Then Tony started dating Jess. Carrie was named "Sexiest Vegetarian" and, soon after, Jess was seen wearing a T-shirt that read, "Real women eat meat." Burn.

Theeeennnn, Carrie told Allure magazine that her ex still calls her sometimes, which Jessica was apparently not too keen on hearing. Jess then shot back, to Nashville's 107.5 FM's Woody and Jim show, that she and Tony
had a good laugh over Carrie claiming that the Dallas Cowboy player was still ringing up the American Idol winner.

"If Tony wanted to call her and be with her, he would," Jess sniffed to the radio guys.
That sound you hear is the millions of useless insecure front-runners known as Cowboy fans trying not to rip their hair out, wondering why their pretty-boy QB can score with blonde singers but can't score enough points in playoff games. But hey, look on the bright side -- at least he's involved in a love triangle that would fit in well in any formulaic high school movie. Of course, in the movie, he would have won a playoff game by now.


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