Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If Anyone Watched This Show, He Might Be In Trouble

I think this exchange between Donny Deutsch and Joy Behar is pretty telling on a couple issues...
DEUTSCH: We're such a media frenzy, 24/7 world that almost anybody that's been around too long, there's so much "no" attached to it, that you almost need that blank piece of paper. That's the new model. Like, you know, this coconut Rubio down in Florida. You know-

BEHAR: What's his name? I don't know him. Rubio?

DEUTSCH: Marco Rubio. He's running against Charlie Crist, who I think has done a great job. And he is the new great, you now, hope down there.

BEHAR: So, basically, these people, the tea partiers are basically angry with the right and the left for the same reason, that there's fiscal irresponsibility?

DEUTSCH: No, they're angry- they're basically- their argument is- and I think there's a lot of racism underneath it- is- "He, they, are taking your civil liberties away. They're stomping on the Constitution. They're telling us how many bullets we can have in our guns."
I would say Donny Deutsch needs to be fired, except I don't know who he is or what job he has. And Joy Behar has her own show? Seriously, can anyone in America get their own TV show now? Are the lesser cable news stations becoming like public access? I think it's great that she doesn't know who Marco Rubio is, when he's leading the GOP Senate primary by 18 points over the sitting governor. If you're going to do interviews on current events, reading about them might be good prep work, Joy.

Getting past that... Deutsch is now claiming that he was referring to Rubio as a "coconut" because he's goofy and bananas. Even my daughter knows that when you want to say banana, you say banana, and not coconut.

The most hysterical part is when Deutsch goes on to say that Tea Partiers are racist under all their anger. As opposed to Deutsch, who apparently is up-front about using derogatory racist terms.

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