Tuesday, March 02, 2010

This Is Why You Watch Old Episodes of Your Favorite Shows

So I'm watching an old episode of South Park last night from 2004. It's their classic parody of the 2004 Presidential campaign, entitled Douche and Turd. By way of background, here's the Wikipedia summary...
During a pep rally at the South Park Elementary School, a group of local PETA eco-terrorists protests the use of a cow as a mascot (for "the 47th time"). The school agrees to pick a new mascot, and the students are told to vote for said new mascot. Embarrassed by the bland choices, the kids decide to fill in a joke candidate but disagree as to whether it should be a "giant douche" or a "turd sandwich." Kyle rallies his friends to fill in the giant douche, and Cartman gathers support for the turd sandwich. Cartman wins Butters' support (by slanting the question when asking Butters which of the two choices was funnier). The result is the two joke candidates get the most votes and the students must choose between the two in an election.
Which leads to the following scene. Make note of the campaign theme Cartman uses for the Turd Sandwich (about 1:30 or so into the clip), and keep in mind they did this in 2004, four years prior to Obama's victory in 2008.

Who knew Parker and Stone were inspirations for President Obama's campaign team?

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