Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Maybe He Should Have More Beer Summits

Allahpundit explains why the President shouldn't moderate his alcohol intake, whatever the doctors might say...

Four hackish thoughts off the top of my head about the president imbibing. (1) It’s probably the only way he can understand Biden. (2) Now we know where that famous mellow temperament comes from. (3) If I had to deal with Reid and Pelosi every day, I’d go straight to heroin. (4) They should put the intervention on C-SPAN.

Unfortunately, the President probably needed to cut back on the hard stuff, after cutting a deal with Ben Nelson to only drink wine from Nebraska.

I actually feel for the President on this stuff. The focus on his inability to quit smoking is pretty much ridiculous -- did we really expect a guy who was still trying to quit the habit to do so when he got dropped into one of the most pressure-packed jobs on the planet?

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