Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thanks, Scottie

This is a great piece on Scottie Reynolds, whose brilliant career at Villanova will be concluding sometime in the next month (I'm personally hoping for no earlier than April 5th).  Just reading the whole thing made me feel good about my alma mater -- it's cool to know that Jay Wright's program is recruiting and graduating quality people, because that's a more important measure of success for the school (particularly a Catholic institution) than wins.  Although I won't complain if the team wins several more games this season.

And while Scottie might break the school's all-time scoring record that is heald by one of my classmates, I'd be thrilled if he did.  Based on everything we've seen and heard, the guy's the epitome of what a college athlete should be.  Go Scottie -- and Go Nova.

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