Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sports Should Bring Us Together

Will Bunch would love to disown John Yoo as a Phillies fan because he enabled waterboarding.  He goes further with this statement...

Of course, if you want to continue with that analogy, what Phillies' fans have gone through is nothing compared to simulated drowning, stress positions and other tactics authorized by Yoo in his notorious "torture memos" for the Bush administration.
I sat through the 2003 NFC Title Game loss to the Bucs at the Vet. I'm pretty much 50/50 on whether I'd rather live through that again or get waterboarded.

Seriously, I'd rather have John Yoo on my side than Nancy Pelosi and the freakshow folks who live in San Francisco.  But this is why one should not bring politics into their sports rooting interests.  Will Bunch once wrote a book alleging that Ronald Reagan's greatness is a myth; anyone who's willing to take that dumb a position shouldn't be allowed to operate a coffeemaker, let alone use the Internet.  But I'd happily sit with him and root on the Phillies in the NLCS.  I may think Ed Rendell's a bit skeevy and disagree with him on everything politically, but I'd break bread with the man over an Eagles game.  Sports brings people together, so we can all hate people for irrational yet harmless reasons based largely around geography and colors (unless we're talking about hating the Cowboys, in which case the hatred is both rational and proper).  Unity, dude.

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