Monday, November 15, 2010

MSNBC and Olbermann Continue Marriage Made In Hell

It sounds like Keith Olbermann is making things pretty gawdawful at MSNBC..  To be fair to Olbermann, though, it's hard to say how that's different from MSNBC normally.  It's entertaining that Olbermann makes his staff leave notes for him rather than allowing the serfs to speak to him, but my favorite part of the article is this paragraph...

But NBC executives say that the cable channel is far better positioned to withstand an Olbermann departure than it might have been a year ago. Rachel Maddow has emerged as a genuine star, Ed Schultz is gaining momentum, Chris Matthews has been energized by the midterm campaign, and Lawrence O’Donnell has successfully launched a new show in the 10 p.m. hour previously reserved for Countdown reruns.
Ed Scultz is gaining momentum? Toward what, regular mocking on the Daily Show? Don't get me started on Matthews either. Yeesh.

Meanwhile, the folks at MSNBC can see Fox News in the ratings, but only in the sense that the Hubble Telescope can see the Andromeda galaxy.



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