Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stupid Liquor Laws

Having grown up in Pennsylvania and attended college there, I'm well aware of the stupid liquor laws in my former home.  Pennsylvania is which I have lived where you can't get wine in the grocery store, which is pretty stupid (trust me when I say that getting beer and liquor in college as an underage kid was not much more difficult in PA then it was elsewhere). 

It turns out that their half-assed attempts to finally provide some acccess to wine in grocery stores is a raging failure, just because of the idiotic system they set up.  Reason has the details on how a wine monopoly is losing money, but this line is a great summary...
You have to give the PLCB credit for this much: It has shown that, with the aid of modern technology, the government can lose money while selling a highly popular product over which it has a monopoly.
Seriously, a breathylyzer to buy wine.  Only a government bureacrat would come up with a plan this dumb.



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