Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Does It Say When The Dumb Guy Is Doing a Better Job Than The President?

It's been my standard belief that the media likes to buttonhole GOP Presidents and candidates as either dumb or mean or both.  This is a constant rule in my lifetime.  With the noted exception of Jack Kemp, everyone who's been on a GOP ticket or been a legit contender for the job has been classified as at least one of the two:  McCain was mean, Palin was dumb.  W. was dumb, Cheney was mean (and evil.  Totally evil). Dole was mean, Kemp was the exception that proves the rule.  Bush 41 and Quayle were both dumb.  Reagan was mean.  Ford was dumb.  Nixon and Agnew were both mean.

Ed Morrissey adds a category, by noting that Romney's getting smacked with the "weird" tag.  But it looks like Rick Perry is getting the "dumb" tag right now. I guess it's standard-issue for Governors from Texas.  But Michelle Malkin's rejoinder, starting about 93 seconds in below, is dead-on.  Rick Perry's grades in college may have been below par, but he's been a raging political success and done a terrific job as Governor of Texas.  Meanwhile, Barack Obama's Presidency would be lucky to get classified as below par.  Which performance -- Perry's college performance or Obama's job performance -- is more relevant if the two square off next year?

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