Monday, August 29, 2011

What He Said

DaTechGuy has a decent take on the reason why liberals and members of the media seem to be obsessed with the religious beliefs of GOP Presidential candidiates, particularly Rick Perry...
The distinguishing characteristic of the secular culture, driven by their lack of belief both in God and in themselves, is fear: Fear of salt in food, fear of traumatizing children by making rules, fear of offending anybody, fear of judgement calls. Simply put fear of being held responsible for anything. That is why it loves government control. Every responsibility and decision that government takes on is one less that they have to make for themselves or can be blamed for.

And Rachel Maddow wonders why we don’t build great things?

This brings us to Rick Perry and my friend’s fear of him. When I look at Perry the remarkable thing about him is how unremarkable he is. Anytime in the last 100 years his background and beliefs would be decidedly uncontroversial. In large swaths of the country where the traditional culture exists he is just another pol (with a good record on jobs).
The fact of the matter is, Perry's religious beliefs, and whether he believes in evolution, are pretty much irrelevant to the job of President.  They may, and should, inform one's insight into his character.  But people who spent 2008 assuring America that it was irrelevant that Brack Obama's chosen preacher was an outspoken supporter of Hamas and openly condemned the United States of America in sermons seem ill-positioned to make that argument.

Putting that aside, is anyone really worried that if Perry is elected (or even Michelle Bachmann) that we're in danger of having a Christian theocracy emerge?  My guess is that the first time a President Perry opts to spend time focusing on teaching creationism in public schools, people who supported him will be among those pointing out the absurdity of doing that when we've got a massive fiscal crisis and a terror war on-going.  If he solves both of those and we have time for that... hey, I'll be happy to have that debate then.  Until then, I'm not worried about the religious right's beliefs.

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