Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Creepy, Yes.... Effective, No

This new video by Greenpeace is designed to... well, I'm not sure (hat tip: Iain Murray at Planet Gore). Apparently, it's designed to get us to do something about global warming... apparently by threatening adults that children will... well, not sure what they'll do, but they'll do something. I'm getting this vague Children of the Corn vibe here that's kinda disturbing, but not very persuasive.

For example, the kid opens the speech by saying, "By the time I grow up, there won't be any fish in the sea." Look, even if you actually think Al Gore's on track in An Inconvenient Truth (full disclosure -- I've only watched about half of the movie, since (1) my wife won't go see it with me [since she believes, and is probably right, that I would make fun of a lot of things]; and (2) it's really hard to stare at Al Gore on a computer screen for that long), can you really believe this statement? The kid's about 10 or maybe even 12 -- let's say you're considering the kid a grown up at 18, or maybe 21. So in 2013-2015 (or 2016-2018), we won't have fish in the sea? Man, I'm sure Kyoto would have fixed that.

In a nutshell, this is one of the problems I have with the extremist global warming siren calls -- the alarms are sounding, but no one knows what they mean, other than, "It's all really, really bad, and you'll pay in horrible ways that we can't even quantify." Making a statement that all of the fish will, well, sleep with the fishes in the next 8-10 years... you're about as likely to be believed as the guy standing on the corner shouting about Armageddon, no matter how many scientific papers you wave around.


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