Sunday, June 17, 2007

Don't Stop Believin'

Yes, it's a week late, but it's good to know that Journey's Steve Perry approved the use of one of his band's signature songs as the closing to The Sopranos...

PEOPLE: When did you get the request to use the song for the finale?
Steve Perry: A few weeks [ago]. I needed to know how this song was going to be used. I didn't want the song to be part of a blood-bath, if that was going to be the closing moment. In order for me to feel good about approving the song use, they had to tell me what happened. And they made me swear that I would not tell anybody. The song use actually just got approved last Thursday.

Was there any even implied threat that you'd get whacked if you told anybody the ending?
(Laughs.) Yeah, Tony was gonna whack me if I talked. No, I didn't get any life threats. But I had to keep it quiet. I had friends that were really upset at me. They knew I knew.

...Have you gotten a call from The Simpsons or anyone else with a show about to end?
You know, South Park might be next.
I'm impressed Steve Perry is that lucid. And I'll bet South Park parodies this sometime soon. Chase's ending was perfect for a series where much was left to the imagination -- it was his way of saying that this was Tony's life, and that's the way it will always be. I'm just glad he didn't use Styx for the last song.


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