Monday, August 25, 2008

Irrelevant Poll of the Day

Seriously, why does anyone actually do a poll like this? They must have a lot of time on their hands in Germany...
Germans overwhelmingly back Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama over Republican contender John McCain, a poll showed, though a majority said the U.S. election outcome won't affect relations with Europe.

Seventy-four percent of Germans say they would prefer Obama as president, with only 11 percent supporting McCain, according to the Forsa survey for N-TV and Die Welt newspaper. Among Germans under 30 years old, 84 percent said they back the Democratic senator from Illinois.

Obama boosted his popularity in Germany last month when he delivered a speech in Berlin's central Tiergarten park that drew some 200,000 people. Germans also favor positions held by Obama such as his opposition to the Iraq war, combating global warming and greater engagement with European allies.
To quote the Simpsons, no one who speaks German could be an evil man.


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