Thursday, February 25, 2010

Funniest Real Men of Genius of All Time

I'm starting to enjoy the concept of the Joe Biden Vice Presidency. He sort of exists for our amusement but nothing substantive, like the harmless, relatively dumb, and useless sidekick from a an old sitcom. He's like Larry on Three's Company, or maybe Ralph Malph from Happy Days (which makes Obama either Richie or the Fonz -- I'm voting for the latter, mostly so I can start trying to figure out ways to make money running a "When Did Obama Jump The Shark?" contest). Of course, the fact that I'm describing the man who's second in line to the Presidency as Ralph Malph should frighten everyone (then again, the casting parallel could easily extend to Harry Reid as Potzie).

But hey, Joe's existence lets us enjoy stuff like this.

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