Friday, February 26, 2010

The Health Care Follies Continue

I missed Vodkapundit's liveblog of the health care summit, which was better than the summit itself. Some of his comments are brilliant (all times are MST)...
8:44AM Harry Reid is telling a sob story. Which is eerily like Dr. Seuss writing erotica.

...9:08AM You’ve got to respect Coburn, but when he talks about government going after fraudulent spending, that’s like hiring Ted Bundy to manage campus security.

...10:00AM Yes, I really did just hear the President explain that his plan would give you fewer insurance choices, and then define that as “a benefit.”

...11:59AM They can’t get back from recess on time (did kickball go extra innings?), but they promise not to create any waiting lines at the free clinic where your specialist used to have an office!

...12:30PM Good grief! Rockefeller just said “we’ll be watching you” if you don’t buy his health insurance. Has he no idea how that sounds to a typical American?

...12:48PM Reading the body language, I’m not sure Obama has ever hated Biden more than he does right now. Unless there’s a tie, Biden doesn’t even get a vote on this thing — and he keeps going on and on and on.

...12:55PM “Hiding spending does not reduce spending.” That’s Ryan, and it’s your takeaway line today.

12:57PM Wow. Who’s got this on TiVo? I need a screen grab of something. Sometime around 12:56PM Mountain C-SPAN showed Obama just glowering at Ryan. I mean, a real if-looks-could-kill moment. Just brutal. No… wait… not “just” brutal. It was also quite revealing.

...2:32PM Please, no cruel jokes about Ron Wyden’s lisp. His speech therapist died recently in a tragic spittle accident.

...The Republicans brought their A-game today (I’m grading on a curve) and the Democrats brought their sob stories. And the fact remains that most people are pretty happy with their health care and very mindful of their wallets — which is why talking dollars today was a smarter move than talking emotions.
On the flip side of the ideological divide, the Daily Beast sets forth the ten biggest mistakes of the process by President Obama and the Democrats. While I don't agree with much of the substance, I have to admire the effort to narrow the list to ten.

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