Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Healthcare Follies Continue

Looks like passing Obamacare is really helping those poll numbers.

My predicitions for the next few months:

1.  President Obama will make speeches designed to sway the public to favor his policies.
2.  The speeches will fail to move the poll numbers.
3.  White House spin machine and mainstream media (sorry if that's repetitive) will proceed to say that the poll numbers are irrelevant, because the public is being misinformed by opponents of Obamacare.  Leftwing blogosphere will creatively analyze pollig data and claim the problem is that legislation is not progressive enough, which is why the poll numbers are underwater.
4.  White House, random Democrats, and left-wingers will accuse opponents of Obamacare of being racist.
5.  The President will insist that he doesn't care about the poll numbers, that he's just did the right thing.  He will continue to fail to articulate a rationale that convinces anyone that his point of view is correct.
6.  The President will claim the opposition is guilty of obstruction and not having any ideas of their own.
7.  The opposition will point out that they presented their ideas to the President, who will respond with some variation of "I won/the time for debate was over/we needd to act now".
8.  Repeat steps #1-7 as necessary.
9.  When they lose control of the House in November, the Democrats will claim the loss had nothing to do with Obamacare and will creatively analyze poll numbers to prove it.
10.  When no one believes the poll number analysis noted in #9, the Democrats will blame racism.

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