Monday, March 01, 2010

Album Cover Nostalgia

A new recurring series inspired by the Lord of Truth. We all remember certain album covers fondly -- here's one more.
There's not a lot to say about this album, except it's one of my favorites. The artwork's simple, but I think the music more than makes up for it. Plus, any band that tries to name itself after Mookie Blaylock and then names their debut album after him... well, that makes them cool before you get to the music. And the music, quite simply, rocked.
And I'd normally mock the Scorpions here, but comparing them to Pearl Jam would be like comparing a run-of-the-mill Little Leaguer to a MLB All Star. Actually, let me take that back, because that may be taking it too far. In reality, it would be like comparing a tee-ball player to a MLB Hall of Famer.
Of course, the Scorpions probably stink at tee-ball as well.

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