Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bubba The Frenemy

James Taranto poses an intruiging question about whether Bill Clinton wants Barack Obama to win re-election, and notes a key point...
Clinton was re-elected in a time of prosperity, not anemic growth and 9% unemployment. Whereas Clinton failed to persuade a Democratic Congress to pass health-care "reform," Obama succeeded. Clinton moved to the center and worked constructively with House Republicans, while Obama has hewed to the left.

And if Obama is re-elected, he will likely be the first Democrat since FDR to attract a popular-vote majority twice--a feat Clinton managed not even once.

If Obama is still president on Jan. 21, 2013, Clinton will have gone from Houdini to has-been. The only thing that could be worse for him is if Michelle Obama is elected in 2024 as Jeb Bush's successor.
I'm going to ignore that last line so I don't throw up.  In the end, I think the conflicting advice Clinton has provided Obama is not part of his egotisitical attempt to undermine Obama.  Clinton could have made all these inconsistent lines of attack work because he was a better politician than Barack Obama.  Of course, that's no saying much nowadays, but it's an essential truth.
I'm just glad they referred to Bubba as a frenemy.  Too many other people have relationships with him that constitutue "friends with benefits."

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