Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drafting Chris Christie

I'm serious when I say these two things:  If I were his political advisor, I would say Chris Christie should not run for President.  But as an American, I really wish Chris Christie would run for President.
Christie is, for better or worse, the flavor of the week in the GOP race.  If he got into the race, he would instantly take a lead, then spend weeks getting pummelled by his opponents on issues where he is vulnerable -- and they do exist.  The difference, at the end of the day, is that I'd expect him to handle the attacks far better than Rick Perry has done.

I watched his speech at the Reagan Library and the short Q&A that followed, and the experience was very similar to watching the Marco Rubio speech at the same venue a few weeks ago (new theory: put anyone in the Reagan Library, and they can deliver a kickass speech!), except it was Rubio in 6 years (with 100 additional pounds).  After watching him, I had one thought:  I want this guy as my President. 

I don't agree with him on some stuff, and I suspect he'll disappoint me at times, but the guy screams leadership and accountability at a time when both are sorely lacking.  He has executive experience, which Cain, Bachmann, Santorum, and Paul (and even Rubio and Ryan) all lack.  He's real and sincere, unlike Romney.  He's telegenic (which is weird to say for a fat guy) and capable of delivering an impromptu response to questions while thinking on his feet, unlike Perry.  He's not trying to lecture Republicans on how they're wrong on key issues, like Huntsman or Johnson. And while half the GOP would have reservations about him on issues from gun control to immigration to climate change, there's no one else who's worthy in the current field.  Yes, it's important that the next President be a conservative.  But it's also important that they be a competent conservative, and you can't sell me that anyone in the current field meets both qualities as well as Christie, at least with evidence of past performance.

If you don't have time to read or watch the speech, just watch the video here:

That lady's too worshipful of Christie; it's not on the same level as the stupid Obama-Messiah morons, but it's far too deferential to the idea that "only Christie can save us!"  The country doesn't necessarily need Chris Christie to run for President; it needs people who want to make America better to roll up their sleeves and work hard to make America better.  Our hope is that the next President is someone who makes that task easier rather than harder, but we're already working on that task, and we need to keep working on it after the election, even if President Obama is defeated.  Defeating President Obama is only the first step in making things better; whomever wins that election needs to be somebody who can follow through on policies that assist, but it's ultimately the efforts of the American people that will make or break America. 

When people seem as desperate as this woman, I worry that they're investing too much in an empty suit and putting into it what they desire rather than what's there (see 2008).  Electing Chris Christie or anyone else in 2012 isn't going to change anything overnight, except Prozac sales and therapy appointments for Democrats.  But Christie's response is pitch-perfect; he doesn't pretend to be anything other than what he is.  I appreciate someone who doesn't want this job, but may feel a calling to it; by contrast, I sense that Rick Perry decided he wanted the job because he felt like he could have it.
If Christie doesn't run, I feel like South Park's 2004 election parody (Douche and Turd) is what we're going to get in 2012.  A summary for those fools who haven't watched the show is available at the link,  but you're better off watching the whole thing than watching a Presidential debate next year if we end up with what I expect (besides, the episode features P. Diddy killing PETA members, which is fun to watch). 

I'm someone who's passionately opposed to the douche, so the Turd (whichever Turd it is) will get my vote.  But somehow, "Vote for the Turd -- It's Important" does not strike me as an inspiring campaign slogan.  And once he gets in office, he's still a turd.  But Chris Christie, if he ran and won the nomination and won the office, would not be a turd.

And he's not running.  Damn it.  Damndamndamndamndamn.

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