Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Annoying Song Is Stuck In My Head Today?

If I need to suffer with a song stuck in my head, why shouldn't you have to do the same? Sometimes they're good, most times they're bad... but no matter what, they make you suffer. So I like to share the suffering whenever it happens.

I attended Back To School Night for my daughter last night, which is still a surreal experience (beyond the basic "I'm really a parent" portion of the experience, there's also the moment when your child's teacher tells you things about your kid that you didn't know, like she's mastered calculus already!  Okay, just kidding on the last part... I think).  Anyway, they had a video montage playing that featured this song.

A couple things.  First, I hate Rod Stewart's music generally -- I just find it annoying, and this song's near the top of the list of Stewart songs I hate.  With that being said, I recall this song as being the theme song at my seventh grade dance, which wasn't all that bad as far as seventh grade dances go.  But it's kind of scary to think it's still in rotation for use as a crappy attempt to tug at your emotions 25 years later -- I mean, the song sucks almost as bad as anything by the Scorpions.

You're welcome.

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