Monday, September 26, 2011

Who's Questioning Who's Patriotism Now?

You know what else is at odds with core American values, Mr. President?

1.  Forcing a massive, costly, and allegedly unconstiutional healthcare entitlement down the throats of Americans despite majority opposition, with a bill drafted behind closed doors after promising transparent negotiations that would be shown on C-SPAN.

2.  Having a federal agency supply a drug cartel with weapons that get used to kill an American border patrol agent.

3.  According to your 2008 campaign, leaving Guantanimo Bay open as a prison camp for enemy combatants.

4.  Advocating raising taxes on the wealthy in the interests of "fairness".  Even Bill Clinton thinks this idea is dumb.

5.  ATTTTTAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK WAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTCCCHH.  Although maybe they've figured that out, since they're apparently not posting new stuff.

I'd list more, but I haven't got all week.  Plus, I don't want to overwhelm the ATTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKK WAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTCCCHHH servers.

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