Tuesday, October 04, 2011

This Executive Is Brought To You By The Letters NPR

It's like NPR wants me to make jokes...
Gary Knell, who helped introduce Sesame Street to children abroad, is the new head of U.S. public broadcaster National Public Radio.

NPR announced the appointment Sunday, with Knell to step into the role of president and CEO on Dec. 1.

"Gary is an extraordinary leader with extensive experience in public media, programming and education," board chairman Dave Edwards said in a statement.

"As CEO of Sesame Workshop for more than a decade, he has led a large, complex organization through a tumultuous media environment, helping it grow by providing innovative, engaging content in new and creative ways."
Maybe he can employ Elmo and Grover to explain why we need NPR. Or hire them as hosts to save money. I hear puppets work cheap -- look at the hippies occupying Wall Street.

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