Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Too Fast Too Furious

This is probably not good for the Attorney General's job security...
New documents obtained by CBS News show Attorney General Eric Holder was sent briefings on the controversial Fast and Furious operation as far back as July 2010. That directly contradicts his statement to Congress.
On May 3, 2011, Holder told a Judiciary Committee hearing, "I'm not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks."

Yet internal Justice Department documents show that at least ten months before that hearing, Holder began receiving frequent memos discussing Fast and Furious.

...The Justice Department told CBS News that the officials in those emails were talking about a different case started before Eric Holder became Attorney General. And tonight they tell CBS News, Holder misunderstood that question from the committee - he did know about Fast and Furious - just not the details.
The old saying that's the coverup is worse than the crime almost certainly doesn't apply here, because the operation itself led to the death of a Border Patrol agent and allegedly a large number of Mexican citizens.  But that excuse at the end certainly won't fly -- what's the "different case" they're referring to?  And he didn't  understand the question Congress asked him?  Yeesh.  Allahpundit has a better take on what the emails reveal...
Either Holder didn’t want to know more after reading that July 2010 briefing or he read it and simply didn’t recognize the gravity of what he was reading. Big, big trouble either way.
Given this administration's penchant for throwing people under the bus, I'm surprised Holder hasn't been forced to resign yet.  But if this starts gaining traction and impacting the President's poll numbers, he may want to update his resume, because "fast and furious" might describe the speed of his departure.

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